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Success is Good but Significance is Better - Tenzin Norsang

Picture Courtesy: An unknown author said it so well, “Success is good, but significance is better.”  People of today’s world have come to think that money is everything to gain happiness in one’s life.  Well, there is no doubt that you need it to lead a beautiful life, but it provides us bliss only to some extent. It can buy us the most luxurious and fancy things in this world. But still, it cannot buy us internal peace, true love and happiness.  We seek all these only when we give ourselves to others that we find true merriness.  A wise man once said, “Selfless service is the rent that one should pay to live on this planet.” Through selfless service, we make others jubilant and content. It also soothes our hearts with pleasure. It fills our minds with positivity and everlasting memories.  Helping others leads you to the path of finding your purpose in life. It also assists you in discovering inner peace.  Wea

My First 'Venture' to 'My Good School'...- Unnati Dabral

Did I call it a  'venture' ? Indeed yes. You might be thinking, "Why I wrote venture instead of putting 'visit'?" Of course, to make my readers wonder why? And to make them curious. I was a creative and rough-tough kid since I first started schooling. But that doesn't mean I was confident back then. When it comes to vivas, although my 'Know it All' attitude used to kick in, I used to get nervous. I still do. So, the first fellow to join 'My Good School' happened to be my friend, Geetankshi. She told me about this opportunity at 'The English Book Depot'. She told me to write about 'What it takes to spread the joy of learning at schools?', mail it, and then wait for the reply. At first, I procrastinated on the task for a few days. My friend told me to visit the place and meet the founder. I thought it was a good idea. I wrote a mail to the head body before leaving for the visit. The moment I reached there, I fell in love with

Reflection on our Retreat - Tenzin Nyingsel

Many questions were spinning around my mind on the first day. Whether I'll be able to communicate correctly or not? Or will the presentation be good? All these questions raised anxiety and fear inside me, due to which I felt so hopeless. But I thought I was still in my hostel once I got there. Including all the educational and professional places we visited during the Retreat. So at the start of the day, before going to the Khalanga War Memorial, we played many indoor games which taught many morals about teamwork, leadership and self-power. Then after that, we had our meals, which were so deliciously made and professionally served for us at the table, including the tasty sweets and cold ice-creams after every meal. After that, we went to the Khalanga War Memorial, where we learned about the importance and the history behind that place. Two to three people guided us while explaining the site's significance. Even with them, I had a great time.  On the second day of the Retreat, w

What is peer pressure and how can we deal with it? - Tenzin Nyesel

Generally, everyone has a circle of peers with whom they are comfortable talking and sharing things. But sometimes the circle you are in might not have the people with whom you are meant. Sometimes, the people in our circle pressure us to do the work they demand, which might need to be corrected. When our peers give orders instead of advice, it leads us on the wrong path and makes us do bad things; that’s when we go through peer pressure.  Peer pressure affects us not only physically but also mentally. Due to this, many people of young age get spoiled physically and mentally. They lose their concentration power. It decreases self-confidence and self-worth. Also, distances us from our family members and friends. Tenzin Nyesel Pestalozzi Children's Village India

God the creator - Nishan Karki

God is the divine power who gave us many qualities like wisdom, kindness and empathy . We should take advantage of these qualities to maintain peace worldwide. If we keep the peace , we can live a happy and simple life with fewer demerits and more benefits. We should thank God or the creator for filling us with these qualities. From: Nishan Karki Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 21:21 -- Shelja Thakur Pestalozzi World Local Alumni Coordinator and Senior Student Liaison Officer Inspired by:

Cause and Effect - Priya Gupta

My pencil puppet gives me #joyoflearning Reading The Art Of Focus at The Sunday School. Chapter 27, Humility and finding God, the Creator. #God #Humility by Gauranga Das. Cause and Effect: Rationalists will concur that there needs to be a cause for an effect. Puppet: Another example is a puppet show. When we see puppets dance (the effect) beautifully in the story narrated, we deduce that there is a puppeteer (the cause) entertaining us from behind the curtain and running the show. It’s foolish for the audience to think that the puppets are dancing on their own. It’s equally foolish for the puppets to think that they are independent and that they are the source of entertainment. In fact, they are instruments of entertainment. Just like puppets, we are instruments of God, aided by a body with its five senses and the subtle elements (the mind, ego and intelligence). Priya Gupta Pestalozzi Childrens' Village Dehradun, India

How sports has helped me to build hope - Arav Agarwal

Playing sports has helped me to build hope. Whenever we are standing on the ground, we have that ray of hope which inspires us to believe and never give up. In life and sports, anything can change at any moment, so hope helps us to keep on going. I was bowling the last over in one of the practice cricket matches, and the other team needed only 1 run to win in 4 balls. But still, we kept hope and stretched the match to 1 run to win in 1 ball. Though we lost, it was a great learning for my team members about the power of hope and me. As rightly said that hope means hoping even when things seem hopeless. Sports have taught me to keep hope alive in any situation and have faith and trust.  Name: Arav Agarwal Grade: 6A Billabong High International School, Thane

My Good School - Tamanna Solanki

If I could... Erase all the pain, Etched on each and every face. Reach out to all those, Who are famished to death. Console all the hearts, Who are mourning their lost ones? Kill the helplessness,  Of not meeting each other. Return all the smiles, Missing in every face. And finally,  Open all the closed doors, Of my beloved learning centre ‐ my school. My school that is my energy drink, My school that is my power nap, My school is 'My Good School'. Tamanna Solanki  Class ‐ VII B The Fabindia School