Thursday 13 April 2023

Did you ever experience the dilemma between the heart and mind? - Smriti Rai

A dilemma means when you have to make a different choice between two things. This situation is something which we all face in our daily life. We have to face a dilemma when we have two options.

The dilemma between the heart and mind is a common experience in our daily life. The brain always wins, even if it gives more challenging and complicated options. It takes a more extended period to believe as the heart is always soft, so it provides more accessibility, making us regret it later.

Recently I experienced a situation where I faced a dilemma. Before my exams started, my brain told me to study from the beginning and complete the syllabus before the exam, but my heart said to go out and play and enjoy. It told me that there was still more time to study and even I could learn a month before the examination, then I chose my heart's advice, then later, even when I looked till late at night, I could not finish the syllabus, and I regretted the choice which I made.

Smriti Rai
Pestalozzi Children's Village India
We are reading the book with Jugjiv Sir at The Sunday School.


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