Saturday 15 April 2023

The dilemma between heart and mind - Tenzin Jambey

"Good evening, sir. How is everything and hope you are all good, me🥳 waiting for Sunday's Good School and will see you in Sunday's Class. This is my reflection on ( SHARE A DILEMMA OF HEART AND MIND). It took me almost an hour to write ðŸ¤¦and I guess ðŸ¤” not everyone has the courage💪 to share the dilemma experience which I have shared. Hope you would love and feel good after going through my reflection." Tenzin Jambey

Our minds and heart ask and wish for many things, but sometimes we come across such situations that our minds and heart don't agree to perform a task together. When the brain says 'yes', the heart says 'no' and when the heart says 'yes', the brain says 'no'. In this situation, we need clarification. I have also experienced the dilemma between my brain and heart, and the dilemma I faced is also faced by others.

1) "Being a student, our main purpose is "studying" every student is expected to learn good values, life skills, good morals and at last, they are expected to become a good human being". It has not been a long day since I last experienced this dilemma. My exams were near, and I had a lot to cover up; my mind would always tell me to stay focused on my studies and prepare for exams, or else I wouldn't be able to complete the syllabus. Still, my heart told me, "Don't take the pressure. You can cover up the whole syllabus before exams". When I used to sit studying, my mind and heart would fight for a few minutes, and every time my mind used to win. In the case of studying, I always listen to my mind. This time, I could only secure a good percentage in my finals because I listened to my mind.

2) The dilemma between heart and mind, which I am now going to share right now, is a Universal truth, and it is experienced by almost all human beings, including you and me. " FEELING ATTRACTED TOWARDS SOMEONE" means having a feeling of love for someone or having a crush upon someone. When we fall in love with someone, a powerful dilemma develops between our minds and heart. We still can't escape even after knowing that this would take us nowhere and is just a short-term distraction or an attraction. Our mind says that we try to forget the one upon whom we have the feeling of love or crush, but our heart doesn't agree with the decision of our mind. These feelings and attractions can last for a  few days or more. Still, it remains for a very long time for some, so even a more significant dilemma is developed between mind and heart, much like a" SMART EDUCATED  PERSON TRYING TO TALK IN ENGLISH WITH A INNOCENT UNEDUCATED PERSON ". This dilemma puts extreme pressure upon people and can lead a person to perform activities which he/she might not have ever dreamt of; they end up being bad cold-hearted people, and they remain in depression; they are often found sad, and at last,,, they ruin their own life. It is sad thing that many people commit suicide, and they prefer to kill themselves when they fail in love or when they fail to impress the other person. Still, we must understand and develop self-control to overcome this challenging and complex dilemma.

At last, dilemmas can come and get into our life from anywhere, so we have to be very mindful of the decision we are to make. It would be better to listen to " FIFTY - FIFTY " of both mind and heart rather than listening to the heart or mind altogether. As for me, our mind always thinks of our future and our results. In contrast, our heart would show the way to happiness, and by listening and following the instructions of both of them, you would indeed become HAPPY (which is a contribution of the heart) and SUCCESFUL (which is a result of listening to our mind) man, A HAPPY SUCCESSFUL MAN. 

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  1. Very realistic examples. Thanks for sharing. Indeed-need to be happy and successful

  2. There are times when one has to go with the head ... As you found out via your exams😊


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