Sunday 9 April 2023

The "Heart" VS " The Mind" - Mishu Gupta

The "Heart" VS " The Mind" is one of the most common dilemmas in decision-making. Especially when dealing with or making choices for our own life choices.

It is challenging to choose what is best for us rather than giving advice in somebody else's life. Example: Should I be attentive in class or get distracted?: and when we provide this advice to others, it seems right advice or suggestion that we are giving.

Sometimes our heart says something, and our mind says something.
Let's change our minds and even change again. Sometimes we make a quick decision to get out of that problem that we are facing but then in future. We also regret our quick decision and feel guilty about why we did that or if we should have done something else.

Yes, I have experienced the dilemma between the heart and mind during my exams. Solving those questions and many options are kept in our minds and hearts. Then, my heart says Choose option"A", but my mind says Choose option "B" because somewhere or the other, it is related to the topic. Therefore, it becomes challenging, and my conscience starts deafening to choose A or B. So we must be cautious and choose the correct option at that specific time.

Mishu Gupta
Pestalozzi Childrens' Village India

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  1. That was fast Mishu.Yes. Well said. Making the right choice is important. As we read in the Art of Focus, to help make the right decisions- need to keep the long term in mind and also sacrifice short term temptations and do the right thing.


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