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Finding your inner voice - Pasang Sherpa

Helping others find their voice which means helping someone to realize that they can also stand upfront in any situation.  We can inform them about the human sight they possess if there are matters that need to be dealt with by rules and laws.  We can help other people but before doing so we should prove ourselves worthy to do so then only we shall be able to guide them to reach their actual inner voice. Pasang Sherpa Pestalozzi Children's Village Society

Importance of bedrock mentoring - Shilpika Pandey

There is too much or too little of so many things in this world that we wish to catch in life. Our dreams, aspirations and wants make us put our hands into a jar full of innumerable  options but when we get stuck at what to really pick, we falter and are unable to choose and thus come at a precise decision.  The road ahead seems blurry and one wonders if at all to walk on it until someone out there  clears, not the road but the vision to see it clearly and helps us walk on it with a confident gait that we realize the  importance and effectiveness of that guiding hand, advisor, counsellor or a bedrock MENTOR!  A Mentor is what each one of us needs to take the best decision, pick the right option and stay focused. But how do we know our mentors? How do we recognize them? The answer is  very unadulterated.. When  the student is ready, the Guru or mentor appears! One recognizes a mentor in a kind, empathetic, non judgmental ,helpful, supporting, encouraging, motivating, positive a nd a wis

Compassion - Arav Agarwal

Is Your Child Ready to Face the World? After reading the chapter compassion in the book called Is Your Child Ready to Face the World? by Doctor Anupam Sibal, my reflection on compassion. Compassion means understanding others' suffering and helping them just like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa did. I learned the word compassion in the lockdown when I was reading a book called Planting Seeds by Thich Nhat Hanh. There is a chapter in the book called understanding and compassion. The chapter starts with a promise "I vow to develop compassion to protect the lives of people, animals, plants and minerals. The chapter says people like doing different things; suppose you want to read a book and your friend wants to play tennis, you can just read the book later and go out to play tennis with your friend. This small act of understanding and compassion will give your friend joy and make him happy, and you will become satisfied. After reading that chapter, I realized that everyone

My Family and Their Happiness - Gaurangi Rastogi

We, humans, are social beings. We have family, friends, and relatives. Since this Covid-19, we have been separated from our families. Now, let me tell you, what does family mean to me?  My family means a place where I can be safe physically and mentally. My family means a culture my world resides in. My family means a shield that protects me from bad influences. My family is like a body in which everything works in harmony.  My family means everything to me, and I want to see them always happy. My family makes me happy, and so even I should try and keep them happy. Some simple ways in which I give happiness to my family are: ● by bringing good marks and doing well at school.  ● by spending time with them instead of playing on gadgets.  ● by teaching them something  ● by supporting them in bad times  ● by not being stubborn  ● by sending them letters and emails every weekend from school.  Gaurangi Rastogi  Class VI The Doon Girls' School