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A letter to my future self - Aria Gupta

Image courtesy Getty Stock Images Sec 104, Noida, Uttar Pradesh A student from Gyanshree School 6 July 2023 Dear Future Aria Gupta How are you doing? Please read this when you're at college or have a job. This is you from the past, and I have tons of questions. Did your/my book get published? I hope it did; I've been working pretty hard on it. What job did I/you get (If I/you have one)? Is it boring? I hope it isn't. Are you/am I happy? I'll blame you if I'm not, even though I'm basically blaming myself. Here's a list of things I never want to become A bully. What is good in ruining someone's self-esteem? A robber. No one wants to become this!  An introvert. I want to have many friends and be super social. Just know, no offence to those who are one. A drama queen. Ugh, I hate those people; they make the most significant problem out of the most minor things. If you are any of those things, I'm warning you in advance, then guilt will take control of y

Something I wanna change in myself and how? - Tenzin Nyingsel

I've always wanted to be confident that I can always stand out for myself without hesitation. Anxiety has always been the worst problem that could ever happen to me, and the time that happens, overthinking starts, my hands start shaking, and the words from my mouth become quiet. To overcome those situations, many workshops have been done in our Village provided by Pestalozzi so that we could work on our public speaking skills, which is very important for us both in present and future. So I'm looking forward to improving that thing in myself so that I won't hesitate next time whenever I'm speaking or communicating with anyone. There are many things I want to change in myself, like improving my speaking skills and the body language I use. Will try improving them by pushing them again and again.  I have many other habits like I support the people I am close to, but sometimes when I require them to help me, they just show their back. To improve this habit, I think I shouldn

A new way to celebrate Rakhi - Rishona Chopra

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all!  I don't know why our culture has this practice and mindset of brothers protecting sisters, but I think if you have siblings, then a Rakhi should be tied by both siblings showing that they will protect and love each other no matter what. It's not that brothers are not capable, but I personally don't like it.  I don't have siblings, so this Raksha Bandhan, I thought to do something different. I tied a Rakhi to three people. I tied a Rakhi to God, to my parents and to myself. These are the people who will always love me and protect me no matter what. The biggest protector is you. Only you know about yourself, and you can protect yourself too. So this Rakhi, tie a rakhi to your sibling, your parents, God, and most importantly, yourself. PS: If you can't tie a rakhi to yourself with your own hands and find it tricky, you can tie yourself the Rakhi of happy thoughts! Rishona Chopra  Grade VI Gyanshree School