Friday 28 April 2023

Reflection on our Retreat - Tenzin Nyingsel

Many questions were spinning around my mind on the first day. Whether I'll be able to communicate correctly or not? Or will the presentation be good? All these questions raised anxiety and fear inside me, due to which I felt so hopeless. But I thought I was still in my hostel once I got there. Including all the educational and professional places we visited during the Retreat.

So at the start of the day, before going to the Khalanga War Memorial, we played many indoor games which taught many morals about teamwork, leadership and self-power. Then after that, we had our meals, which were so deliciously made and professionally served for us at the table, including the tasty sweets and cold ice-creams after every meal. After that, we went to the Khalanga War Memorial, where we learned about the importance and the history behind that place. Two to three people guided us while explaining the site's significance. Even with them, I had a great time. 

On the second day of the Retreat, we went to The Doon School, where we learned about the names of the buildings named after the great master of that school. Many of the masters who studied there and passed from there were under the lists of names of the titles who had many achievements in that school. Children learning there had many activities as optional, and the students had to move from class to class of teachers. They had a great big hall about which I liked the most and was shocked about the most! They conduct their assembly with talented students playing many instruments and making melodious music.

After The Doon School, we visited The Khan Farm in Uttar Pradesh. While going, we had many funny moments and sang many songs. Due to this, I enjoyed that time a lot. We also did many indoor games and activities when we reached there. We learned that whenever we lead a special team, we should first listen to every opinion suggested by our teammates. But we shouldn't do things in a hurry to always win; instead, we should take our time to think and do the activity with no load. At the farmhouse, we stayed one night and had a great time with the other people in the Retreat. We even had a talent show at night where everybody showed their various talents. Due to this, I got to know more about them. In the early morning, we had a nature walk. Even though I didn't see many animals, I got their presence due to the footprints and sound. Then again we were served many delicious foods and sweets at the end.

Back at The Doon Girls' School, we had our reflection time and a friendly basketball match. Since I didn't know much about the game, I joined them by cheering them up.

The days flew like thin paper in the blowing wind at the end of the My Good School Retreat. The great experience and funny moments with the people in the Retreat were about to end. On that day, we had a function held by The Doon Girls' School, where many talented kids came from different schools to sing on Earth Day. A few hours later, we bid farewell to our unforgettable friends with handshakes, hugs and promises to meet again. 

Like every chapter in the book has its own ending, our Retreat also ended with memorable experiences and friendly relations. But the chapter containing our memories will be the best I have read and experienced.

Tenzin Nyingsel
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

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