Sunday 27 November 2022

Cause and Effect - Priya Gupta

My pencil puppet gives me #joyoflearning

Reading The Art Of Focus at The Sunday School. Chapter 27, Humility and finding God, the Creator. #God #Humility by Gauranga Das.

Cause and Effect: Rationalists will concur that there needs to be a cause for an effect.

Puppet: Another example is a puppet show. When we see puppets dance (the effect) beautifully in the story narrated, we deduce that there is a puppeteer (the cause) entertaining us from behind the curtain and running the show. It’s foolish for the audience to think that the puppets are dancing on their own. It’s equally foolish for the puppets to think that they are independent and that they are the source of entertainment. In fact, they are instruments of entertainment. Just like puppets, we are instruments of God, aided by a body with its five senses and the subtle elements (the mind, ego and intelligence).

Priya Gupta
Pestalozzi Childrens' Village
Dehradun, India

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