Tuesday 25 April 2023

Stop It! - Reveda Bhatt

Do you know what the most vulnerable thing in this world is?

Well, that's trust.
Something we should have loyalty towards-but what most of us end up breaking!
Trust the root of all trouble and hurt, the fruit of all trust.
Look, that doesn't mean Stop Trusting but follow your gut because this energy within us knows of everything. 
It knows what's wrong-well; technically, there's nothing right or wrong, but in the way of saying, we just know.
Then, the question arises, "Why is "wrong" being done by people then?"
Well, that's because we do not nurture that energy in the way of guiding us and just go by simple means to suppress it. Ideally, trust should never be broken because one should see the feeling behind it: love and attachment. Once one knows that, their gut instinct should get in the way of breaking one's trust.
Yeah, but open your eyes to the world of reality! Snap out of this logic because that's not what happens here!
Keeping aside feeling like "obstacles pulling us back," people look for gain everywhere, and then, what's better than gaining out of the vulnerable person close to us!?
That's how every person on this planet finds a way to survive here! Some hurt to get better, while some get broken to become worse mentally and emotionally!
Alright, alright.
But then, what's a way to avoid this?
Stop trusting others and start trusting yourself-
give way to your instinct,
that will show you-
what's light even when there's dark,
what's right even when it is wrong,
what's life even when there's hurt,
what's trust even when there's rust in everyone's heart!
AND THEN, BE STRONG because who knows what's to come?

Reveda Bhatt
Grade X
The Aryan School

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