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There are many dimensions to every person - Tulsi Karki

Picture Courtesy: There are different dimensions - to a physicist, it simply means direction or, to be very precise, a pair of opposite directions at right angles to another dimension, as stated in reports.  Likewise, cultural dimensions summarize the extent to which cultural groups are found empirically to differ in terms of psychological attributes such as values, beliefs, self-construals, personality, and behaviour.  The cultural dimensions are constructed to track value shifts across generations when society goes through modernization and post-modernization - as a result of interaction between cultures, political entities and economies. If we talk about dimension for a person, it means - he has to reach his goal.  Everyone has a dream. And we need to work hard and achieve many things to make those dreams real.  And thus, we have to face many di

There are many dimensions to every person - Aria Gupta

Picture Courtesy: You might be wondering - why I haven't written this article in story form. It's because this topic has many details to consider. And I think that it's hard to convert it into a good story. Moving on to the topic, we first need to define the meaning of dimensions. Dimensions may imply different things to different people. It could refer to their life responsibilities (mother, friend, etc.) or personality characteristics and traits. Ultimately, the dimensions of a person cover the numerous qualities that comprise a person.  In my opinion, every role has a dimension that includes attributes. A student's role, for example, may involve characteristics such as procrastination or being studious (the traits vary from person to person). These characteristics and dimensions - create and define the individual's identity and contribute to their unique personality. People's dimensions can also include their tale

There are many dimensions to every person - Nishan Karki

Picture Courtesy: "Life has its dimensions in the mysterious."  -Jesse Jackson There are many dimensions to every person. People possess their qualities and abilities. These qualities are not singular but numerous. Here, dimensions refer to the inner and outer capacities of a person.  Everyone has their unique qualities and experiences. Engaging with new things adds to a person's extent. It helps them gain knowledge and learn new things. The more experience a person has, the more dimensions they possess.  A person's dimensions determine their value. Each individual has their way of doing things and interpreting situations. They all have different perspectives and views. It is about their approach to tasks.  Some people take the world very seriously, remaining sad and bleak. They do not attempt to emerge from their sorrowful nature. They co

Success is Good but Significance is Better - Tenzin Norsang

Picture Courtesy: An unknown author said it so well, “Success is good, but significance is better.”  People of today’s world have come to think that money is everything to gain happiness in one’s life.  Well, there is no doubt that you need it to lead a beautiful life, but it provides us bliss only to some extent. It can buy us the most luxurious and fancy things in this world. But still, it cannot buy us internal peace, true love and happiness.  We seek all these only when we give ourselves to others that we find true merriness.  A wise man once said, “Selfless service is the rent that one should pay to live on this planet.” Through selfless service, we make others jubilant and content. It also soothes our hearts with pleasure. It fills our minds with positivity and everlasting memories.  Helping others leads you to the path of finding your purpose in life. It also assists you in discovering inner peace.  Wea

Does believing help escape the person out of negativism? - Tenzin Jambey

Picture Courtesy: Believing in one has both positive and negative impacts.  In this writing, I'm sharing two incidents that happened because of believing in others:- The good impact(s):- We 'people' don't have any proof of whether ghosts and spirits exist. But still, we have been told from a young age about ghost stories, myths and legends. We have developed thoughts upon that, and when we go into the dark or walk alone in a quiet place, we feel scared.  We sometimes feel like someone's there other than a human being watching over us. I turn my head here and there when I walk alone because people have made a habit of spreading negative beliefs, which has impacted me. And that can further lead to disasters.  Sometimes, some people see unusual things and images that we can't see due to psychological reasons or due to a lack of courage and also due to the feeling of fear. They think that ghosts and spirits

Does believing help escape the person out of negativism? - Tenzin Norsang

Picture Courtesy: A wise man once said, and he said it so well -  “Believing in one’s self is the essential key and necessity if one wants to achieve and acquire higher and greater goals in one’s life.” The person who believes in himself has the ability and the capability to conquer anything. Robin Sharma said, and I quote -  “Your mind is a good servant but a tyrannical leader.”  A person who has faith in himself is one who has mastered the art of controlling his mind. He who believes in himself - has been bestowed with the power that has the intensity to change the world. What are negative thoughts? Negative thoughts are thoughts which are pessimistic and demotivating in nature. Such thoughts create a feeling of unrest and doubt in oneself.  When do such thoughts pop up in our minds? Such thoughts cloud our minds during the disturbing and dark times in our lives. During such a phase in our life, we doubt our abilities,

3 R's of Leadership - Nishan Karki

Picture Courtesy: " A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame,  a little less than his share of the credit." -Arnold H. Glasow Leaders often practice the three R's:-  ● Respect for self  ● Respect for other  ● Responsibility for their actions To be a true leader, one should have self-respect, respect others, and be responsible for all his actions.  A leader is a courageous and supportive person who supports and encourages people. A true leader supports his team and helps them to exceed their potential.  Some leaders may act as bosses and only give commands and would not support, encourage or help their teams. But a true leader works as part of the team, influences, supports, inspires and encourages the team. Now, let us talk about the three R's:- ● Respect for all: First of all, self-respect means a feeling of confidence and pride in yourself. Leaders have and need to keep their self-respect. Respect