Friday 3 December 2021

It's Never Too Late- Aanya Kumar

In the reading session on 28/11/2021, I realized that we decide whether to use a thing constructively or inappropriately. Alfred Nobel was thoroughly interested in the study of nitroglycerine. His intention of making dynamite was for noble reasons to help in mining and railroad purposes. However, others used it for war and other destructive purposes; he should not be the one to be blamed. When Alfred’s brother’s death was mistakenly reported as his, it was reported in the newspaper as, “The merchant of death is dead.” I strongly disagree with the statement. He also introduced the prestigious Nobel Prizes. People are considered lucky and privileged to receive these awards. He redeemed himself by the same. In the past, he was remembered for destruction and war. Presently he is recognized for the Nobel Prizes and his valuable contributions. 

Name- Aanya Kumar
Grade- V
School- Gyanshree School

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