Monday 20 December 2021

Making Mistakes, Accepting Flaws- Aanya Kumar


In the reading session on 19/12/2021, I understood that we humans tend to make mistakes. We are often told that making mistakes is wrong. But mistakes aren’t crimes. It was new learning to me that Thomas Alva Edison failed 999 times while spreading light across the world or inventing the light bulb. A journalist asked him how it felt to fail a bundle of times when he was finally successful. He replied that he had not been failing all that time, but he learned 999 ways by which a light bulb could not be made. So, it is okay to make mistakes but not to repeat them. 

I have made many mistakes, but my parents have always encouraged me to learn from them. I know that I will continue to make mistakes, but that will give me the wisdom to be a better individual. As the saying goes, “Learn from your mistakes”.

Name- Aanya Kumar

Grade- V

School- Gyanshree School

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