Saturday 4 December 2021

Courage - Dakshita Sirvi

Have you ever lost someone whom you had loved the most in your life?
I have.

The one whom I loved the most in my life, the one with whom I shared everything. No one is not afraid of anything in the world. What do you need to overcome these fears? All you have to do is to show courage. For me, courage is being fearless, confident, and daring to do anything. Because in life, there are many situations where you are broken, and no one is there for you.

You have to show courage; you have to stay strong. You have to forget all the memories you have spent with that person and move on. You have to overcome this fear of losing your loved ones. Because no one is immortal, everyone has to leave this life one day. You have to become capable to give others the support you needed at that time.

Always try to overcome these fears and show courage.

Dakshita Sirvi
Class IX B
The Fabindia School 
(Graphic by Yukti Sirvi of Class VIII A)

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