Friday 10 December 2021

A new world to bring - Rishona Chopra

If you look at the world now compared to the past, you might find the present life easier, but you will also notice that the world's culture and spirituality are lost. 

There was a lot of respect for culture and religion in the past. Everyone looked forward to religious festivals and ceremonies, but most of us hardly care about culture and faith in the present world. Most of us have forgotten that we have a family to spend time with. We look up to social media to communicate and share things. Most of us have forgotten that social media is just an app. We have our family and friends, some real people that actually understand our feelings. 

Apart from that, there is also a lot of unemployment in the world. People are greedy for money, even businessmen! Despite having more than enough, they still want more! People with greed pay less to their employees and don't control their spending. 

Now, it's your choice. What would you like - a spiritual and happy world or a lost and greedy world?

Every small step can make a big one.

Rishona Chopra

Grade V

Gyanshree School

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