Wednesday 29 December 2021

Be A Dreamer - Prarthana Rastogi

Everyone has the freedom to dream. It is a beautiful and soulful experience. Children of our age have dreams to become someone according to their likings and expect their parents to help them pursue it.

Hence, parents should encourage their children to dream and contribute to the process of fulfilling the same.

When parents have different expectations from their children, they do not realize they knowingly or unknowingly put their children under pressure.

As a result, the child, in fear of disappointing their parents, forget about their dreams and start following what their parents want them to be.

However, these people sometimes are not successful because their heart does not follow them, and their mind is not accepting it. 

As a child, I also dream of becoming a Sports Star. I love playing sports. I’m passionate about basketball, badminton, and cricket. 

If you have the determination and are mentally strong, you’ll surely be successful. 

Last but not least, parents should understand their children and support them in all ways to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams.

Name: Prarthana Rastogi
Grade: 8
The Doon Girls School

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