Monday 20 December 2021

Courage - Ushita Saxena

                                                        “Courage is grace under pressure”.

All of us, no matter how young, have done something courageous. It would be

doing something for the sometimes or being calm under pressure. Here is my tale

of being courageous.

‘Once, I was going to the park with my sister. I was going inside the lift. And after

a few moments, the lights went out. The lift suddenly stopped, and it was going to

the basement. I was surprisingly calm and collected and knew what to do. My

sister, however, was panicking. As I tried to calm her down, the lift had arrived at

the basement. I pressed the “call” button, and one of the guards on the ground

floor told us to calm down. After 5 mins the lights came on. Finally, I went to

the park.’

See? It isn’t a challenging job. Courage isn’t having no fears but withstanding them

instead. You need it to begin. It gives you the ability to not be embarrassed or shy

and take the first steps to try something. It is one of the most essential values of life.

Ushita Saxena 

Grade V

Gyanshree School

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