Saturday 4 December 2021

GSAIP - Good Schools Alliance India Program


Spreading the Joy Of Learning

GSAIP ~ Good Schools Alliance India Program TOGETHER WE MAKE THE GSA COME ALIVE! We have fixed a Zoom Room; the meeting will be once a month for the entire team; we will make the plan, and then the Interns can work in their respective groups with their Teachers. All teachers/coordinators must join us for the monthly meeting, as, like our young people, the teachers are also learning about the GSA and how we operate. 7 PROGRAMS      1. Internship     2. Exchange     3. Slooh     4. Life Skill Series:     * Joy Of Reading     * Joy of Speaking     * Joy Of Writing INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  Interns are an essential part of our successful enterprise. Most of them work directly with our partners and provide support at the local level. We host interns for a few weeks to one year. You could be teaching at the school or assisting the school staff in helping in teaching and learning. Your passion and volunteering are most dear to us!  The three teams and the members  A) Brewing Knowledge Club - Kunal, Moksh  -  Sukhpreet Kaur is the Mentor B) JoyOfLearningDiaries.Com  Arjun Rohilla, Aarav  - Krishan Gopal Dave is the Mentor C) Podcast Team- Jatin, Ishita - Nibbrati is the Mentor SHORT NOTE ABOUT THE THREE PROJECTS: Brewing Knowledge Book Club An online forum established by Learning Forward offers an experience of the joy of reading with family, friends and colleagues. The Members meet for 60 minutes on the last Sunday of the month. ZOOM works like our studio; members meet to read and reflect. The event is broadcast for the public on Clubhouse. Interns will help plan the sessions and post the session create a Blog Post for the Brewing Knowledge Blog. Joy Of Learning Diaries The Joy Of Learning diaries will inspire you by sharing personal examples of where children experience the values. It will also help people take stock of the importance and wish to lead their lives. #JoyOfLearningDiaries - Interns will source posts from schools and help create draft posts for the Blog Editor. Radio Program (Podcast) We invite stakeholders at the show we invite the community from one school:     * Teachers     * Students     * Parents     * Ex-students     * Management For a candid conversation to showcase how they built their My Good School together. The interns will help in production and design. Find out more about the Internship Program. Find out more... My Good School  The Standard Core Curriculum Service | Skill | Sport |Study * Choice of Curriculum * Choose your coach/mentor  * Work with peers at school * Education at your pace  * Parental guidance Learning For Life * My Good School encourages students to become involved in activities beyond just study; this helps develop confidence, knowledge and networks. * The experiential learning curriculum is a critical factor in the student progressing successfully through adolescence. * Education empowers students by creating an environment for their personal and social development.


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