Sunday 26 December 2021

Courage - Khushi Badgeri


Courage allows you to attempt things that you have not tried before. It takes courage to admit and say sorry when you are wrong. Courage is mental or moral strength to withstand danger, fear or difficulty. In short, courage means to say I have to do it, I will do it. 

Courage makes us believe in ourselves. Let me share my experience. I had a toothache. It was paining so severely that I could not eat or drink anything. But I was afraid of visiting Dentist. My parents forced me to see the Dentist. I went to Doctor and saw the Dental Chair, and I ran out and started crying. Then my parents told me that there was nothing to worry about and not hurt me. I told myself nothing to worry about and everything would be fine. You are brave and strong. You can do it. Somehow I managed to build up mental courage and got my dental treatment done, 

Now, I am not afraid of any Doctor and their treatment. I know they will take good care of me. So, this is how I overcame my fear of visiting a Dentist.

Courage also means thinking positively.

Name: Khushi Prashant Badgeri
Grade: 2 A
Billabong High International School, Thane


  1. Yes , Khushi,
    It reminded me all those moments, when I was really scared & needed lot n lot of courage to face the situations.
    Very well written.
    God bless you Khushi.

  2. Bravo Kushi! Great to see overcome your fears and conquer them!
    May you be encouraged in your life with this same act of courage!

  3. Excellent Khushi !!

    Very well written.

    Fear is a reaction.
    Courage is a Decision.

  4. Courage is not about having no fears, courage is about overcoming your fears, always and everytime!

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