Monday 17 April 2023

The Lost Thinker - Rishona Chopra

Our imagination is limited to what we know. Our thoughts and actions are based on the knowledge we know. It is vital to break that boundary and think beyond it. To add perspective to every situation. In any case, we think only from our perspective and stick to what we know. If we consider ourselves lost thinkers, looking at each view and reflecting on the day correctly, we might find peace and happiness with everyone. 

Sometimes, in situations at home that we experience with family or friends, we try to do the same outside. If someone misbehaves with us, we act the same way with other people. This happens because of all the feelings accumulated in us. We want to let it all out, and doing the same with others worsens things. We all need someone who understands our importance in this world and truly knows us, but no one can understand us better than we do. We have to be that 'someone'. Only then can we find true happiness. 

You need to reflect and move on. You can't simply be ignorant and move on, and you can't keep remembering forever, either. Both steps are part of the journey. 

Life is like a contact sport. Let us take the example of football. There is winning and losing in the sport. But what matters is what attitude we play with. Do we play for the mere joy of playing or for winning? If we play for pleasure, we will be happy even in the hard times. If we take life to be a field with ups and downs, winning and losing and yet a place full of joy, we will never feel disheartened in the tough times and know there is always a ray of hope. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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