Sunday 30 April 2023

Sharpening The Saw - Tenzin Jambey

"Sharpening The Saw" can be beautifully defined as preparing a person or trying to bring a change in one's mind and attitude. Some so many people have contributed a lot to get a change, a development in me. 

Now when I think about my past and try to remember the people who have contributed their efforts to develop me, then the picture of my family and the faces of all the teachers come into my mind whose efforts were brilliant but, at the same time, my hearts says that there is a significant effort made by the family of Pestalozzi and My Good School which is also helping me to bring a change, a development within me. 

Here in Pestalozzi, we are provided with all kinds of niceties, and a high level of education is offered to us. This place where I live is known as a hostel by almost everyone, even at my best friend's home or my father and mother's. Still, they are unaware that this place feels more like a home than a hostel, and sometimes I feel like I don't want to leave this place, but as we know, everything has an end. 

Living with people from different regions of India and some from other places of Nepal with their own language, customs, and beliefs helps me understand their traditions and beautiful culture. Our friendship bond is powerful, and we are always there to help and assist each other regarding work or studies. Friends teach each other many things, including sound and bad habits, and it's a sour truth of friendship, but it is in our hands, and it's our choice whether we take bad morals or suitable lessons. 

In the case of our friendship bond, we teach each other only those acceptable to the person; our bond is so strong that we come to know about the other person's thoughts. My roommates are very good at creating motivational quotes, and their words and views help me to keep moving when I am broken. Some of their quotes are:

" The business graph never goes in a straight line at some point. It has to divert ".

"Rome was not built in a day, but it can be destroyed in a second". 

"The bad thing is time flies, but the good thing is I am the pilot". 

"Failing is a good sign to make a difference in you".

Sometimes I feel lucky to be with such good friends, namely Nawang, Norsang, Aati, Passang, Sandip and Nishan, who try to develop me and always help me.

The office staff put a lot of effort and hard work into developing every child of Pestalozzi. Cheme la Ma'am, the Director of Pestalozzi, always try harder and harder to keep us on track, and she becomes strict with us just for our own benefit; she always uses the most suitable examples to make us understand things in the best way. Upasna Ma'am is found wandering around the campus to meet every child and communicate with them to discover the troubles children face. I remember she once came to me also when I having issues.

The eyes of Shelja Ma'am would pop out one day as she spends a lot of time near the screen. The reason behind this is she is concerned about every child's future. By looking at the students' names and their obtained subjects, she is busy seeking colleges and universities for children's further studies. Anudev sir, Rakesh Sir and Rahul Sir, the three handsome men, also contribute a lot to assisting every child with any queries, and they'll be found busy the whole day as their business calls on.

My charming and lovely House Mother, Minaxi Ma'am, is often misunderstood by many people as a student. When I saw her for the first time, I thought she might be our age, and I was surprised to know that she was serving us as a house mother. I thought, " Yeh madam kya house mother karegi ". Her outlook is like a student, but she is a wonderful multi-talented woman. Even after pursuing a master's in Micro Biology, she considered joining an NGO. She helped us out with almost everything thing and especially with our studies. I was shocked when I learned she knew everything about us, including our naughty and decent actions. Every day has been a learning day since she joined Pestalozzi and served as a House Mother. I never knew that "pakorde" is called fritters in English. She is always there to help us with everything, and I see a significant improvement in my studies and other activities, which is 60% because of her motivation. When I came  3rd in class, she was happier than anyone else, even more optimistic than me. I know our bond is strong, but sometimes we really eat each other's mind, and mostly I am one to irritate her, because of which she gets angry.

There is a saying, "Where two utensils are kept together, then ultimately would become one". I don't feel she is my Ma'am, but I think of her as more like my older sister. My mind prevents me from touching her as my mother because she is young to be a mother, and people might get a heart attack when I start calling her mummy because she looks like a student.

Nowadays, I can focus on my studies and other activities too, but once, I was also a very distracted child and never got full marks in any subjects; many thoughts came into my mind. When I was in class 6th, it was a nightmare going to school as I had no friends nor was I doing good in my studies. While returning from school, I would sit at the window seat and look at the environment, and strange thoughts filled my mind. I used to think I was useless. I was wasting Pestalozzi's resources, I am wasting the food, the books in my bag, the uniform that I wore and the fuel of the bus, and at last, a lot of money and reason behind doing not well in academics, and because of my rude behaviour and attitude that I had, at that time I hardly had a smile on my face but, from now onwards I would never get to see these days as the family of Pestalozzi and My Good School are sharpening me. They have become the tool of sharpening when I am a saw. 

My Good School, or The Sunday Good School, is a good learning platform that helps me think beyond my limitations of thinking abilities. It's not only the school's name which is good but also the morals and lessons taught here are excellent and fun. By being regular in classes and because of writing my reflection continuously, I can understand things in a better way. I also thought how Good School would change me and develop my writing, reading and speaking skills, but now I know. I can now reflect on my actions and think deeply about them because I have no limitations on writing, like in school, we write an essay of 350 words, and I am allowed to put my thoughts on a piece of paper as many words as I wish too. 

When I sit to write a reflection, I automatically forget all other work, and my hands continue until I finish writing. My Good School is really 'Sharpening the Saw' for me and bringing a vast development in me, it would be great if more students joined My Good School, but I feel like the current strength we have is better than better as we are starting with a small step by taking that small step ideally.

Here are the pictures of the people who are my sharpeners! 

Upasna Ma'am, Chemela Ma'am and Shelja Ma'am

Rakesh Sir

Rahul Sir

Anudev Sir 

Minaxi Ma'am

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