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Reflection of the movie "SWADESH".

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 21:24
Subject: Good evening, Ma'am. Reflection of the movie "SWADESH".
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1: "Exploitation".
Even today, many farmers, labourers and workers are exploited by landlords and contractors.

2: "Difficulties faced by village people".
About 60% of India comprises villages that are the grassroots of our country, meaning that "ordinary people reside in villages ". As I was also born and raised in a village, I agree that there are many problems which village people face, like water supply, electricity, poor health and education facilities and unemployment.

3: "Illiteracy of masses in the Village".
Even after setting up government schools in villages, parents don't send their children to school as the parents need to be educated. They only seek short-term benefits by sending their children to work, and that's why they don't prefer sending their children to school; they think that money is more important than education.

4: "Indian culture and tradition".
Most Indians still follow traditional practices and culture, and they preserve it. Our country is famous for traditional activities like dances, food, dress, games etc. and for culture like arts and customs followed by generation.

5: "Difference between developed and developing countries".
Our country is still developing, due to which we face many problems. Still, in developed countries, there are fewer chances of facing issues, and I think this is the reason for the settlement of Indians in foreign countries like the U.S.A and CANADA. Developed countries have better employment opportunities, low death rates, better health facilities, better education, less poverty and a happy, settled and peaceful life. 

The Conclusion of the movie
We should never forget the place from where we began our journey, as our roots alone hold us through thick and thin.

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