Monday 3 April 2023

Flawsome and Fun - Our True Identity - Rishona Chopra

Often we find faults in ourselves. In whatever we do, we consider ourselves to be the worst and keep finding spots in our own work; not only that, but we also start judging the work of others and keep finding flaws in it. It is never good to criticize ourselves or anyone, but knowing our mistakes and learning from them is good.

Instead of finding faults and criticizing ourselves, we should look at it with a positive attitude thinking that we shall not make this mistake again. We all make mistakes and learn from them. We must not have a delusion about ourselves. Therefore we are flawsome - have flaws but are yet so awesome!

Sometimes, we try to change ourselves for someone else, we tend to show off and change our look, personality and style just to make friends but that does nothing. It simply pressurizes us. Therefore we should have an open character and know we are flawsome yet fun.

On the other hand, criticizing the work of others is clearly wrong because we need empathy and fairness towards others. We must understand the feelings of others. If we spot any mistake in their work, we mustn't show it to them rudely. But politely point it out with the intention of looking out for them only if they ask for our opinion. We shouldn't misguide them. 

None of us is perfect with no mistakes, but our imperfections make us so perfect!

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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  1. Thanks for your reflections, Rishona. Surely we all benefit from reading your thoughtful viewpoint on being imperfectly perfect!


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