Sunday 2 April 2023

Happiness - Oshi Singh

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'Be grateful for everyone you have, not everything you have.'

There's nothing more unpredictable than life itself. All situations we face in life are like dice. It's about our perspective towards it. The same applies to life too. We can spend this unreliable journey with a big smile on our faces or with a heavy heart. Many choose happiness over sadness. But you may find many who stop trying and sit back after facing an unavoidable path in life. But hey! This is a long journey. Instead of being all sad and hopeless, fasten your seatbelts to the journey of the 'unknown'. All you have to do is simply focus on the positive side of the world. A world where everything is better, and you finally get your 'happily ever afters'. You shall achieve all this just by waking up every morning and enjoying every single moment, and living it to the fullest instead of wishing for it to the fullest. 

Living in this materialistic world, many try to find happiness in worldly things like money, not realizing that it's temporary and all that will matter in the end is their happiness and whether they had a meaningful life. So find your meaning in life, find your source of happiness, and together, celebrate the value of happiness and live the rest of your lives with a big smile stuck on your faces? 

Oshi Singh
Gyanshree School 

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