Sunday 2 October 2022

A Day In My Life - Reveda Bhatt

24th September this year was exciting.

So, it was Saturday, and my colleague, Kunal (with whom I had been talking for about one year), was in Dehradun (where I live) on his School trip. We had been discussing meeting at the NATIONAL OFFICE*, at The English Book Depot, for days.

We fixed the date to meet as 25th. Talking about something on the 24th, we changed our plan to meet that day as they were here in a group! I requested my Mom to drop me off there.

When I reached with my Mom, they all hadn’t arrived, so we went to the back side of the book-shop and into Sir’s office, spoke to him and just a while later, the whole group arrived. After meeting them, my Mom left.

Seeing them all the first time, I hadn’t spoken to any one of them except Kunal. But, that day, meeting them, we all had fun.

Sir bought us coffee and then went somewhere. Later, to discuss work, we both sat at a table nearby.
Soon, it was time for them to leave. We clicked a photograph to keep as a memoir and drove away.

Learning from each other and experiencing new things under such a group with such influential people is what keeps me going on this path of my life that I have chosen! 

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School, Dehradun

*The name might sound dramatic, but it is so called because that place is the root which keeps us all connected on a platform even though we, THE STUDENTS OF MY GOOD SCHOOL, are scattered all across India.

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