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The things that come to my mind while being in class - Tenzin Jambey

A classroom is a room or a sphere where students learn. The one who teaches or gives lessons is called the teacher, and the one who takes the learning is called the student. Different students can have different views on the classroom, and I, too, have my opinions on a classroom. The school has become an essential place for learning. Without schooling, you won't be able to push yourself further in the field of education. "Education never ends, and the road never ends. It's only the fuel of the car that ends". No one can ever learn everything, even if we start learning after birth until we die. The classroom makes learning more fun, exciting and memorable in the education journey. The word classroom is an extensive term that means that a classroom is much more than a room in the school building. All the sphere and place becomes a classroom when you get lessons out of it. Teamwork is something that we learn when working as a team. Therefore, the football ground, basketb

Why is it necessary to ask questions? - Nishan Karki

  Why is it necessary to ask questions? Every person in the world has questions ranging in their minds. Questions indicate desire and curiosity to know something by asking others. People may ask questions to several people like parents, teachers, relatives, friends, brothers, sisters and many more people. Every time different questions come into people's minds. There are several reasons for the necessity of asking questions. We ask questions to get information about different things. Asking questions helps us to develop our thinking skills, communication skills, social skills, etc. It also increases our general knowledge or knowledge about different things. Thus it is necessary and essential to ask questions.  Nishan Karki Pestalozzi Children's Village India

Thank you to all my teachers - Rishona Chopra

Drawing by Rishona Chopra Teachers are an essential aspect of our life; they help us to grow, learn and enjoy.  To my teachers: I learned so much because of you, You helped me become like a humble bamboo! You helped me grow, You helped me know. The way you taught me to dance and drama, And about Barack Obama. English and maths, You made me laugh! Thank you so much, and a very Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers of the world and especially to: Mrs Geetika Chopra (Mother), Ms. Apoorva Kathuria, Ms. Anju, Ms. Monisha, Ms. Sayanatnee Mishra, Ms Sunita Mehta, Ms Sukhpreet Kaur, Ms. Naina, Ms. Neha, Ms Tanya, Ms Deepika, Ms. Divya, Ms Jyotsna, Ms Nibbrati, Ms Geetanjali, Ms Sonali, Mr Sandeep, Mr Jugjiv,Mr Manoj, Mr. Anoop and Mr Satyam! Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

My Good School Song - Arav Agarwal

My Good School, My Good School It empowers us with life skill tools! Put on your thinking caps to learn; Experience the joy of learning and have fun!   My Good School, My Good School This is a place where you learn real-life values; Explore and strengthen your skills as an intern; Or experience the joy of reading, writing and speaking in Sunday sessions!   My Good School, My good School Here everyone is welcomed and valued! My Good School, My Good School Here life is happy and super cool. Name: Arav Agarwal Grade: 6A Billabong High International School, Thane

My Good School Song - Rishona Chopra

We are here at My Good School, Here things are so cool! Together we learn, Here no teacher is stern! We learn all the values needed, After going to My Good School, we all succeeded! There are several things you can do, Each thing is new! We can read and write, We are bright! We can design and create, After all, My Good School is great! Rishona Chopra Grade VI Gyanshree School

Making Mistakes, Accepting Flaws- Aanya Kumar

  In the reading session on 19/12/2021, I understood that we humans tend to make mistakes. We are often told that making mistakes is wrong. But mistakes aren’t crimes. It was new learning to me that Thomas Alva Edison failed 999 times while spreading light across the world or inventing the light bulb. A journalist asked him how it felt to fail a bundle of times when he was finally successful. He replied that he had not been failing all that time, but he learned 999 ways by which a light bulb could not be made. So, it is okay to make mistakes but not to repeat them.  I have made many mistakes, but my parents have always encouraged me to learn from them. I know that I will continue to make mistakes, but that will give me the wisdom to be a better individual. As the saying goes, “Learn from your mistakes”. Name- Aanya Kumar Grade- V School- Gyanshree School