Wednesday 16 November 2022

Celebrating the Journey - one year at My Good School

One year ago, I got a call which said an Internship was being offered by My Good School.  

I was excited and nervous, but as time passed, I settled there, or you can say I now have a family here!

In a family where everyone is a good learner, and all accept each other as they are, The best part is we all learn from each other irrespective of our age, place or class. The priority is that learning comes first. We know, excel, collaborate at every moment, and find joy at every flash.

There is no point on the geographical map where we met or collaborated. The bond, love and corporation we have are better than other "offices" (We also have an office National Office), and we collaborate there.

Learning from books is present over there, but I have learned from people you can call "learning by collaboration" I learn from every personality there Anvesha, Arav, Reveda, Rishona, Simar and many more. We also have mentors. They are not like any other one who makes the path or creates the boundaries to explore. We create the way, and we create our own exploring areas. They are just there and observe us.

I can't count when I completed one year, but the journey had to put a mark. I hope the journey continues, and I will be part.

Thanks to Mr Sandeep, Ms Rajeshree, Ms Sukpreet and the family of My Good School for always being there and making the journey remarkable.

Viva La My Good School!

Kunal Rajpurohit
The Fabindia School
Village & PO Bali
Dist Pali, Rajasthan

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  1. It was wonderful to read this Kunal. My Good School is a learning community and all of us are planted here to learn, to grow and to bloom.


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