Sunday 6 November 2022

How I Pity A Blank Page - Reveda Bhat

So, I love art.

There’s this thing I hate in my sketchbook, and that’s a page left blank after I’ve moved ahead to the others by drawing something on them.

I feel like a blank page symbolizes an emotion not spilt, a colour not splashed, a treasure not discovered and a mystery not unfolded!

Actually, I’m someone who doesn’t keep anything I want to express to myself, so either I spill it out, or I draw.

Plus, a blank page in my sketchbook is a part of my life that seems insignificant when no moment, no minute and no day is!

So, whenever it’s like that, I go back to the pages to fill them in with the colours of my life, to the days to fill them with memories and bring them back. Getting a happy memory back brings a smile to my face, while when it’s a sad one, you can find the deep sorrow reflected in my sketches.

Either way, add just the colourful ones below.


Reveda Bhat
Grade IX
The Aryan School

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