Thursday 24 November 2022

Respect - Tenzin Jambey

Respect means having inspiration, admiration, and high regard for someone because of their action, work, and achievement. In today's world, if we want to be respected by people, then our actions should awaken a feeling of motivation in them.

Respect is something that needs to be earned, but we should always be first to give respect to others. Then only we will be respected back.

As the world is changing, people's mindsets and ways of thinking are changing and transforming into a devil's mind. Nowadays, if we even respect someone, they don't respect us back. People only respect you for your position. In school, I see "once in a blue moon" students giving respect to the workers like sweepers, carpenters, guards, gatekeepers, etc.

In school, I have seen some students who don't even respect their teachers, who are like gods to us and always try to teach us good things. I have also noticed during assembly that the seniors don't listen to what the Principal sir is saying; they all seem lost in their own world.

Some people find it very difficult to learn and adopt good things, but they find it exciting and joyful to know the bad words, cursing words, wrong languages, and bad qualities.

We might think that the person who is beautiful and handsome or very attractive and good-looking is the one who is always respected, but, actually, only they are respected who work day and night to be a good person and always have a pure heart.

As students, we should always try to be calm children in the class. Although we are good students, our actions might be disrespectful to the teachers, which we don't get to know.

In today's world, even if we do our best to be respected by the people, it really doesn't matter to them. They only appreciate you if you have a  position. Millions of people say, "there should be equality, " but they don't do it. We should always respect someone not for their job but by thinking they are also human beings.

Tenzin Jambey

Shelja Thakur
Pestalozzi World Local Alumni Coordinator and Senior Student Liaison Officer

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