Monday 21 November 2022

The darkest hour of the day - Vani Pandey

It was the 31st of October and the darkest hour of the day. My parents were out, and I was alone at home. It wasn't the first time I had been like this. This was about the hundredth time I had been all alone. I wasn't afraid, for all I could think was how to paint the wall in my room. It was huge, and it was a giant project for me. I was all blank for inspiration. 

" Hmm... What about a giant rainbow and a few of my original made characters in it? Or... What about a beautiful seascape? 

That was my mind, all messed up and out of place. Suddenly, I heard a whistle. Maybe it was the wind, or was it, someone? It came from the dark and blank lobby. Did I dare to go there? Well, no. I stayed where I was. And then went to see whether there was a wind blowing. There was a slight breeze, but it couldn't be the wind whistle. But I made up my mind and got back to work. Then again, I heard a whistle. But this time, it was more of a faint cry. My body got cold for a second. It was 11 at night, and a muffled cry was haunting me. I got hold of all the confidence I had and walked into the lobby. I switched on the light, and all I could see was the living room, well set and no one. As soon as I was returning to my room, I heard a whistle and a cry at the same time again! But this time, it came from the abandoned room in the corner. I, in fact, no one had been in there for a long while. We used it as a storeroom for our old things.

I entered and followed the cry. It was coming from a cardboard box. It said- 'Old toys'. I opened it and found a doll. And then, I remembered that it was a haunted doll my brother got me on Halloween. I saw that the button, somehow, got switched on, and it was making all that noise. I switched it off and closed the door. And by then, my parents had come back. The best part was that it was all over, but I still didn't understand how the doll's button got switched on. But as it is said- " Some things should be left as a mystery."

Vani Pandey Class- 8th:C Gyanshree School Noida

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