Monday 21 November 2022

Striving So Hard - Reveda Bhatt

Okay, hold up for a moment, sitting and typing as I do here. Now, ask yourself - “Why do I strive so hard?”

It’s like the human mind constantly strives for something or the other. We set a bull’s eye to aim at, but once we reach there, it’s the end of one manly desire but the start of another; we may call it the endless cycle of desire. 

Some strive too hard to earn “enough” money, but once they earn it, it never seems enough. As we keep on progressing, so make our desires progress. Some work hard round the clock to gain respect, that too by their power, but bet you knew that even the greatest people around the world have some people who praise them continuously upfront but stab them behind their backs!

So, my friends, why? Why do we strive to prove ourselves in front of such toxic people?

The moments that pass are precious, and, to be honest, when I am here, I just do what I wish - study only when I want, and write only when I feel like there’s a need to. You know, living in the moment. Well, that’s damn true because otherwise, the world is superficial, and the people are superficial, but the least I can do is make sure I am true to myself! 

This is because if everyone, as a matter of fact, everything in this world loses its originality, we’ll all be fake, and that’s a nightmare.

Okay, I agree, it went way off-so. Coming back, just take a deep breath and search for your originality before it’s too late and it’s dumped under your foolish pile of personalities. 

A chameleon is made to change colours, not humans! Just move along your way truly and see what the future holds.

Reveda Bhatt

Grade 9

The Aryan School

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