Wednesday 3 May 2023

Life in places - Aati Pema

Imagery Lunatic Laboratories
My memory was very feeble when I went there, but I will tell you what I still remember. On a calm summer afternoon, the air blew lazily, and the local dry fruits and vegetable sellers who had all settled down at early dawn were now taking turns looking after their produce while some went to rest in the comfort of stores. There was a restaurant on the store's second floor beside a highway; it was no special occasion. l had a holiday, and my mother took me to that place; the aromatic ambience of the restaurant reached me before I even got near the foot of the cold iron staircase. 

I held my mother's hand and took help in climbing the steep steps of the store. When we entered, there was no worry about not getting a seat as almost the whole hall was empty. The window curtains were translucent, letting light pass while giving it a reddish hue. We sat near one of the windows and ordered our lunch. My mother had a plate of fried noodles while I thought of having them boiled, which my mother protested, saying it's too hot to eat such food, but after a while, my mother let my stubbornness win.

We could hear the wind whisper through the open windows as we waited for the meal to arrive. I talked with my mother casually as I sat lost in other thoughts. Now it's a useless regret that I had not been there with my mother even though her life was on such a tight schedule, but my mother had given her well-earned moments with me. After I had left the restaurant then, I had not realized anything of such, but that place still hold those memories, and I am grateful to have them. 

Aati Pema
Pestalozzi Children's Village India

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