Sunday 6 March 2022

Honesty - Anvesha Rana

"Integrity is telling ourselves the truth, and Honesty is telling the truth to others."

Honesty is probably one of those values we have talked about since childhood. Our parents and teachers often remind us to be honest. There may also be many situations through which we all have demonstrated honesty, but in the long term, challenging situations might suppress us to dishonesty. These are the circumstances that test our character, even if hope keeps us going, one has to be realistic and absolutely honest. Just because it is challenging does not mean taking an easier route. 

Some of the ordinary men and women who have displayed extraordinary honesty are Lal Bahadur Shastri, Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Jones and Ivan Fernandez Anaya. They did not let the society determine their choices but took their decisions as per their own judgements. Their choices exemplified them and inspired others to take on similar steps. 

Another instance of honesty are the Nghah Lou Dawr shops, this word literally means Shops Without Shopkeepers. At the Nghah Lou Dawr shops there are no shopkeepers, the only things present are the goods along with a rate list and deposit box. The customers take whatever items they have to buy, calculate the amount and leave the money in a deposit box. For many years these shops have worked upon the virtue of honesty, trust and faith and continue to do so. It is tough to discover a place blossoming with belief in a world filled with duplicity and dishonesty. 

We all need to be honest before we have integrity for there can be honesty without virtue, but no integrity without honesty. Honesty is one of the core values required in any person, it shapes us into a better human being. Honesty makes others believe in us so that we can also put our faith in them because of honesty we have friends, we have brothers and we have sisters. Without honesty there is no one for us and we are no one for them. 

If you want to be trusted, be honest. 

Anvesha Rana
Grade 10-B
Gyanshree School 

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