Tuesday 1 February 2022

Friendship - Rishona Chopra

Friends are companions for life, a family that we choose for ourselves. It's, of course, essential to building a good relationship with them, right? 

Some of us might look at friendship as a bond that we share with our best friends, but it is not just a relationship that we build with our friends but with everyone around us.

It implies a friendly and compassionate attitude towards all, and it's essential to have good social skills. Now I would like to share a story about friendship.

Once I saw a young girl walking across the street. I waved to her, and she waved back at me. I could feel that she was timid. I walked up to her and asked her if she would like to be friends with me. She was very nervous and mumbled, '‘Yes." I didn't understand her behaviour but was friendly with her. Soon, we became good friends. We played, we helped each other. I never saw her mother or any of her family members around, but she looked happy when she played and talked to me. 

For a long time, I never really asked about her parents. But one day, I finally asked her if her parents were around so that our parents could meet up. She frowned. After a deep breath, she told me, "I don't have any parents. I live with my uncle and aunt. They are very busy people. But the way you have always been there for me didn't let me feel lonely.' I was taken aback by that response. I hugged her and told her, 'Thanks for being my friend too'.

So having a friendship with everyone is a gift for all. Did you see how that little girl felt so much happier after having me as her friend? Friendship helps us build better connections for life and gives us reasons to smile every day!

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School

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