Saturday 13 May 2023

Life is a beautiful journey to death - Tenzin Jambey

saw this quote hanging on the wall of my class classroom. Every day I used to see it, and I used to think and ask myself, is life a beautiful journey to death? Then my consciousness would say it's in our hands whether if you do good things, then you will get a peaceful death, but if you do sin, then obviously you'll face a terrible death. But, sometimes, it happens that kind-hearted people die.

If we look into the world around us and see the recent deaths, we will find that a good person dies first. There is the story of a man and son; once, a boy asked his father why good people die first, then the father said to the child think you are going to a garden, and there are many flowers and which flower would you pluck. The child told the most beautiful one then the father said that god also wants to take the good person with him. 

Sometimes things become so complicated that we are unable to predict the output. Peole say you are not good, she is like this, he is like that, they are not good but sometimes our  life itself becomes a cause of great destruction of ourselves. 

Many people desire to become rich whereas some people are happy being poor. Rich people face as many problems as other people do. Behind every negativity there is a positivity and behind every smily face there is a sad face.

Tenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children’s Village India

Image from The Little Book Of Values

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  1. Very true, wonderfully written Tenzin!


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