Saturday 20 May 2023

Mindful living is important in present time - Tenzin Jambey

With time everything is changing; we see development and new infrastructure set up. The living standard of people is also changing, and with the way of living standards, people's minds and the method of executing actions are too changing. We must be very mindful about our activities and words in today's world. 

Our one action can cause heavy destruction; with one step, our identity can change. With one step, we lose our trust, friends, and loved ones. Before doing any work or even speaking to somebody, we should ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing. We should consider the effects and consequences, but many people still do something wrong even after knowing it is wrong. 

Humans get many emotions like greed, selfishness, and desire to possess. That's why it becomes difficult sometimes to have control over our actions. How strange we human beings are. Aren't we just for the sake of fun and enjoyment? We put everything, even studies, aside? This all originates in the mind, and we should adopt good habits so that lousy thought can die at the place where it was created. 

Good thinking leads to the execution of good actions, and good actions would lead you to a happy life. Indeed, we don't have control over our emotions but can control our actions.

Teenzin Jambey
Pestalozzi Children's India Village

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  1. Wow Tenzin. Yes, being able to deal with bad thoughts is the key. As is managing our emotions.


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