Sunday 14 May 2023

One Life At A Time - Reveda Bhatt

We limit ourselves. We bind ourselves. We let the world define us.
Is that a right they have?
That's a right you gave them.
People say, "You only live once."
Then, again, they comment, "Don't waste your time doing stupid things."
Well, how can they declare what you do is stupid?
If you accept that, how can you believe what they say is right?
Don't let the world define you, sweetheart. It's your job, it's your duty, it's you who'll do that. You know, there's more to discover in this "small world"; mainly, it's you who you need to discover! Those who think that they know themselves, well, they might if ever they've set out on an expedition to look for the meaning of their lives. The problem is when we allow all that others think or say to get to our hearts and make the blocks. You know how to reach a destination; there is more than a single way-if they tried out one, which turned out unfavourably, then you make another.
Mind blocks are just what limit us!
It's in your control to-
keep them if you wish to have a "common" fulfilling life
go above and beyond to make it a memorable one.
One step at a time. One life at a time.
Go crazy. Go mad. One life, baby.
Live it large!

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