Sunday 7 May 2023

The Stuff Toy To The Heart - Reveda Bhatt

Understanding someone, one's problems or just giving them a platform to open up fully is sometimes all one needs to get better. For that, what is needed is a mutual relationship where both people are fully committed to helping each other solve their problems because if one's just a bagpipe, then even if they get what you say, anything you share with them is just not safe. 

Understanding is an excellent virtue because that's when someone lends you their ears to make you feel better. It's not like they give you a rebuttal for what you say, but they agree to whatever you say and then help you look for a solution. Now, isn't that what a true friend does!?

Everyone has a right to be understood because it is essential to know how others look at the world from. To be good at understanding, what we need to give up on is contradicting. Otherwise, then it just feels like a debate, way more hectic for the person who needs, in fact, "wants" to be understood.

Like warmth to the cold, comfort to the hurt, clouds to the sky, stuff toy to the sad, does understanding work as an aid to a cut deep into trust.

Then, the aim, which is the main, is that you need to keep all that to yourself and not go on sharing the person's views with others. Only then would you be able to become a good human being, a true one, true to yourself!

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School

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  1. I agree, emotion, empathy and understanding while keeping it to ourselves is vital in friendship!


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