Saturday 6 May 2023

Multifaced - Reveda Bhatt

 A fact about life is that everybody (in singular) has faces (in plural).

Okay, so isn’t that true?

Some will say, “At least I don’t have it.”

Well, that isn’t true.

You’ll be in denial for a while, but you come to believe it!


In this world, when even after being pure at heart, you’re betrayed, then you come to realise,” What’s the point of being the same with everyone?”

The scenario above is when you are the same in your acts with everybody, be it those who do good to you or those who don’t.


Ravan, you know what, the ten heads he had, each symbolised a man’s ability to have faces.


Having faces is not bad, but yes, I call it dangerous.

Not bad because it helps you act differently without having an “emotion tag” or without having people ask you about the reason for the change in your mood.

Dangerous because you could lose your originality in a pool of faces that soon, if not controlled properly, even you don’t know of. 

That’s what!

The loss of your own true self, so, you know, know yourself because “To Thine, Own Self Be True.”

Reveda Bhatt

Grade X
The Aryan School

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