Sunday 14 May 2023

Understanding between animals and humans

As we know, an understanding person can understand how others are feeling and forgive them if they do something wrong. The four steps of understanding are " know, use, expand and surpass". We should also understand the feeling of animals as they can't speak for themselves in our language. As we studied in our Sunday School, many animals want to share their emotions with us.

The relation between animals and humans in which man understands the feeling of an elephant. The emotional state of many animals is easily recognizable by their faces, eyes and how their muscle-tone changes, eye size and gaze. Many animals need help and are in danger because people are trying to kill them. That is why they became man-eaters; we still don't understand them. Instead of making them comfortable and able, we are killing them. So we should respect wild animals by keeping a safe distance away, not approaching and removing their environment. If you are scared of wild animals or found while travelling, just don't chase them, stay quiet and calm, and don't touch or get close. So we should also understand the emotions of animals.

Aayushma Gaha

Understanding has a unique value that other epistemic states, such as knowledge, do not. This fact threatens the justification for the focus on knowledge that the history of epistemology displays. Elsewhere it has been argued knowledge does not possess this exceptional value. There are a couple of lines of argument, however, that threaten to extend and denial of this unique value for understanding. Underlying all such challenges is the apparent fact that the language of knowing and understanding are closely related. This discussion argues that the kind of understanding we prize most is immune from the concerns plaguing the theory of knowledge. Animals don't understand the language in a language,  but they understand what you want to mention by your gestures, body language, and tone. These are animals like parrots, monkeys, dogs etc.
Sunita Bk

Understanding is that without which you cannot be a good human being. To be a better human being, one should have understanding. Understanding can improve explanatorily when one has more true beliefs of fundamental epistemic value. Stepwise, we should have an understanding of animals. In understanding animals, Lars Sevendsen teaches us how humans can attempt to understand the lives of other animals. We should understand the feelings of animals then. Only animals and human beings can have a good relationship between them. Let's take the example of a dog and how a dog understands us. Dogs read more into our tone and body language than actual words. They focus on us and observe our physical clues to determine what we want them to do. Understanding why some animals help others at the potential cost of their own survival and reproduction, for example, not only gives us insight into their behaviour but could also help us understand our species' ideas of altruism and sacrifice.
Samarika Karki 

Since humans are more advanced and social, we should have empathy. We should be understanding, caring and loving not only between us and the other person, but we should be understanding, caring and loving to animals also, as they have feelings too. If would be trust between the animal and humans, the world would live in peace. We should betray animals that rely on us; only then will there be a bond between that animals and humans.
Ngawang Lhamo

Humans have various ways of survival. Animals are only dependent upon nature. So, they do not have any other means of survival. Humans have become much more advanced and know several ways to survive and sustain themselves. Animals do not have such survival techniques; therefore, they only depend on nature for food. We can speak a complex language. We use our logic. But animals only do their actions based on instincts. Apart from the differences, humans and animals are similar in certain aspects and have an outstanding bond. Their bond mutually benefits people and animals and is influenced by behaviour essential to health and well-being. This includes, among other things, emotional, psychological and physical interactions between people, animals and the environment. 

Akshra Singh

As we know that the human and animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between humans and animals that is influenced by behaviour to the health and well-being of both. This includes, among other things, emotional, psychological and physical interaction of people, animals and the environment. 

Animals have been protectors, companions, co-workers and even best friends. Humans need animals in their lives to stay healthy, mentally and even physically. Animals are used in standard therapy to increase movement in the handicapped. We should also understand animals' feelings. They can't speak or show their emotions as we can; it doesn't mean we will not respect or treat them however they want. Because they are also like us, they also have feelings. 
Shraddhanshi Rawat

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