Sunday 28 May 2023

The Change - Reveda Bhatt

A point in my life that brought out my inner strength and made me believe that “I am capable” was what people hailed me as a fighter, one even I didn’t know of. Rolling the rim of my life back to the start of 2019, when I was a child scared of all imaginary beasts and darkness, only after I went into darkness did the change take place-When I went into a COMA. 

This was due to an accident my Mom and I met, wherein Mom was injured, and mine, getting back alive, doubted. It was like this typical suspenseful thriller going on! One day, I got better but could get worse the other! But COMA in English, too, refers nearly to a comma, which has it saying, “There’s more!” So, I fought back, knowing it was not the end. It wasn’t before maybe 3 weeks that I opened my eyes.

Surgeries, injuries, follow-ups-I saw all that. In comparison, if I were still that child, afraid, I wouldn’t have made it so, you know, life puts you down, but you’ve got to stand up because those who do-they come out with the title, “A hero,” the other case, I won’t define. 

Now, when I recovered fully, everybody praised me. I realised how precious this life is and started honouring every moment because who knows what’s next? I fought the dark, death and came out, and if it weren’t for it, even I wouldn’t have known who I really am! 

Recovering from any injury just feels like a piece of cake when you’ve got scars on your body, well, I wouldn’t even call them scars but bravery marks, reminding me each time, “You can do it!” 

The incident here is what I really feel thankful for because it showed me the light. Never in my life had I thought that I would be hailed as a hero because everybody fights, but only a few come out victorious.

Reveda Bhatt
The Aryan School

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