Tuesday 23 May 2023

I am responsible for... - Rishona Chopra

There are quite a few things we have control over. We often try to grasp something we cannot control. We notice and try to change others, their habits and choices. When, in reality, we only have control over ourselves. Another aspect is understanding that we are responsible for ourselves. Our decisions are purely ours. 

Often, we try to blame others for our reactions. If I submit my project late, I blame the internet, but was it really the internet's fault that it stopped working and that my project was lost? Should I have been more proactive and worked on an offline platform or saved my work?

I have also noticed that I start blaming others for my own mistakes unconsciously without realising it. 

When we get sick, do we not blame the weather for changing? Do we think that our immunity should have been stronger? Do we think that this weather change is caused by us humans only? Most of us blame the weather as if it is controlled by someone, not us. 

Life is like a book, and we are the author. The book takes a turn of events, but it all happens before the author, and the conclusion is the author's choice. Several characters in that book influence and help in the formation of the story, but it is the author's thinking that makes the difference. 

I am responsible for whatever I do and any action I take. I am responsible for myself. 

Rishona Chopra
Grade VII
Gyanshree School

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