Saturday 13 May 2023

Reflection on the experience of changing schools - Aayushma Gaha

We know that we go to school not only to learn subjects but we learn new skills as well as social skills. Sometimes we change our school because, for some reason, it might be because of money issues or the school being far or needing more attention for studies. It can be many reasons.

My experience of changing a school. Earlier I was in Carman School currently I am studying in Cambrian Hall. The reason behind changing schools was because of not getting much attention in school and in Carman School there was not much opportunity for any skills or for sports. When I changed schools I was both, happy and sad. I was sad because I had made many friends and was quite popular in school because of my academics as well as Athletics. When I said popular it is kind of praising ourselves but it was true. However, there was not that much athletics.

The reason I was happy was because I was going to meet many more people. As we say that we people think, of new possibilities and in Cambrian Hall, there are sports and also academics. Now it has been one month already and has communicated with teachers and made many friends.

My experience of changing schools was really good and sometimes I think that every year we should change our school and we would learn many new things!

Aayushama Gaha
Pestalozzi Children’s India Village

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  1. Well done Aayushma! Yes, changing schools can be hard because we are leaving our old friends behind, but it is for the better of us, just like in your case. Glad you had a good experience changing schools! :)


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