Wednesday 24 May 2023

Reflection topic – I am responsible for … Annaya Raj Gurung

 Reading with Jugjiv Sir

There are a lot of things I am responsible for like studying well, doing my homework on time, eating healthy, being nice and kind to the people around me. As the class monitor, I am responsible for minding the class when the teacher is not there, taking the copies down to the staffroom, bringing them back up and distributing the copies. My other responsibilities are to make my bed once I get up, wash my plate after I eat and help with the household chores. 

The most important responsibility I have is of myself, I am responsible for my thoughts and actions, I am responsible for the way I communicate and behave, I am responsible for my mistakes and to make sure I don’t repeat them and I am responsible for my well-being and happiness.


~Annaya Raj Gurung~

Grade IV 

Tashi Namgyal Academy, Gangtok

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  1. Super proud of this little sunshine. How beautiful you and your words are🤍 love you


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