Monday 8 May 2023

Understanding - Arfa Khan

Understanding is something without which you can’t be a better human being. It is the first step to becoming more sympathetic and caring to others. To have better relationships, you need to understand the other personUnderstanding the other person’s feelings and perspective is fundamental for developing our emotional intelligence (EQ). It is essential to understand other people because it helps us respond appropriately. 

We have experienced a lack of understanding at some point in our lives and had its effects play on us later, like arguing with our parents, friends, etc. We all want to be understood, but most of the time, our expectations aren’t met; that’s because it’s rare that anyone understands others, and that is mainly because it takes effort and energy to understand people, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. 

If we don’t understand one another, then we continue to have our beliefs as our priority, have regular fights, and have no problems getting solved. Misunderstanding is also very dangerous; it leads to hatred, which is very nasty.

Misunderstandings ruin relationships no matter how strong they are; a relationship that takes time can be destroyed by just one misunderstanding. To avoid that, we simply need to listen and not judge quickly. 

Understanding is vital and sometimes complex if it’s something new to you, but listening is the most straightforward way to start.

Arfa Khan
Ahlcon Public School
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  1. Very pertinent Arfa. One of Stephen Covey 's 7 habits of highly effective people is...Seek first to understand and then be understood


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