Saturday 20 May 2023

My Graduation Day Experience - Tenzin Jambey

Middle School Khremeteng Tawang is located in a lovely place in Tawng district in Arunachal Pradesh, and it was a government school still; I never felt it like some people say about government schools. My old school was one-tenth of my Ann Mary School at Dehradun.

Middle School Khremeteng is a small school with a playing ground in the middle; during assembly hours, the rising sun scene used to be much like Paradise. The total strength of the students there was less than 100, and here in one class, students exceeded more than 100. I was so attached to my school, the teachers, friends, seniors, peon aunty and other staff. My love for my old school can not be expressed in words, people love thinking of the future, but it makes me feel good when I think of my past time. The school here at Dehradun is different from my old school in the way of teaching, the school environment, people's way of speaking, rules and regulations, and almost everything else. After seeing this week's reflection topic, the happy memories of my childhood in my old school flashed back. The name of my school is Govt. 

I hated the word Sunday and holiday then, but now I wait for Sunday; it proves everything changes with time. The starting time of school was 8:30, but I would reach at 7:00 and wait for everyone to come; it used to be fun spending time alone at school in the winter morning, and the cold breeze would make my body shiver. I would often take a page from my notebook and make an aeroplane out of it and watch it flying into the air; I still remember my math teacher, Rai sir, who would pull my ears till they turned red in colour for taring pages he would tell me the value of paper. Yes, it was a valuable lesson for me. 

The total strength of students at my new school is 1000+, and it is difficult to know and make everyone my friend, but I still remember the names and qualities of each student of my old school. Sometimes I feel like hugging my childhood friends and shedding happy tears. It was them who made my childhood days Wonderland. I will never forget the games we used to play marbles, matchbox cards, coins, 7 stamps, gilli danda, chor police, cock fight, hopscotch, hoop rolling and many more. At that time, we knew very little about mobile games and entertainment. We would entertain ourselves by saying filmy dialogues. It was a government school, as I said, that's why we used to get lunch meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and eat food with friends on the same plate friends in the same plate with raw chilli and chips packet was what I enjoyment really meant for me. 
Every teachers and peon aunty had a great love for us, and I loved the way they used to love and care for us. During those time, time really flew like a kite in the sky, and I didn't even realise that I had reached class 5 after the finals were over; one of my teachers told us that we needed to give a test and the students who will pass in an exam would be taken for a trip to Shillong, but this wasn't the actual case it was actually the selection test, the selection of students for Pestalozzi. After one month or two, I got a message that I got selected and had to say goodbye to my friends. 

On the last day, they all hugged me with all their power and strength as nobody knew whether we would meet again or not, and yes, it did happen; I still didn't get to contact my few friends. 

Their last word was, " Jambey make a cut in my hand, and it would serve as a friendship mark", and I told them ", it's not always necessary to let the world know how much you love somebody " I told them I would miss them and promised to never forget them.

This is the story of my graduation day experience at my old school. On the last day of school, all these memories kept distributing me till late at night; even now, when I see the word friends, their faces come back to my mind.

Tenzin Jambey, Pestalozzi Children's Villiage India

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