Monday 3 January 2022

Life Goes On - Dhriti Sinharoy


Dhriti Sinharoy, IX-A, Ahlcon Public school
I'm very compassionate about reading books as they give me a sense of peacefulness, and writing poems is the easiest way to express my thoughts to people. I also find solitude in music and channel my emotions through painting.


A year has passed by
in the blink of an eye.
Moments of sadness
And joy has flown by.

Life isn't easy
filled with struggles and despair,
But at the end of the gloomy tunnel
light is there.

Being as bold as brass
you have to find your way,
Through gloomy nights filled with tears
and the dawn of bright new days.

The worries and fears
that plague you each day,
in the long run
would merely fade away.

Just live a life that matters,
Be someone of great worth.
Love and be loved in return
and make your mark on planet Earth.

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