Monday 7 February 2022

Positivity - Anusha Jain


It was a fantastic day for Amit. He received his German test paper justice and was the only one to secure full marks. Amit was feeling very proud. At 4'o clock, he received news that turned his world upside down the same evening. He could not control his emotions, and there was a flood of tears everywhere. The family was devastated to receive the news of Hari's accident.

Hari is Amit's cousin brother. The two of them were so close to each other that they could comfortably share all their secrets together, and their bond of love set an example for everyone. As soon as Amit received the shocking news, he argued to go to the hospital and see Hari. However, as it was his science test the day after tomorrow, his parents denied his plea. Amit was shaken to the core. He was in great disbelief. His brother was hospitalized, and his parents wanted him to give an exam. His tears did not have any effect on his family. They firmly believe that Hari will be healthy and fine and that Amit shouldn't miss his test. Eventually, when everyone left for hospital and Amit had to study, he couldn't concentrate. He then called his uncle for help and explained the situation. His uncle, who was a kind and wise man, said to Amit that by being sad like this, he is harming himself and showing that he doesn't trust the doctors, which is not good. After half an hour, Amit finally got relief, and the conversation proved to be a stressbuster for him. He was now able to concentrate on his studies and started afresh. 

The day of examination came. It was the day that would decide which would give fruits for Amit's hard work and dedication. 

Days passed by. Hari got better and started recovering fast. Amit received his exam result and was delighted that he had passed with flying colours and that his hard work paid off. Everyone was happy once again.

Anusha Jain, IX, Ahlcon Public School
I am very fond of reading. Harry Potter is my favourite series. I want to explore my culture and heritage. I love helping others.

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