Friday 4 March 2022

Happiness - Anushri Palnitkar

We all are happy in our lives, with my point of view
But there are my friends who feel that they are not happy,
But only a few.

Once my friend was in the garden,
And was thinking alone in her freedom

We asked here the reason

And she said," I love mangoes but this is not the season."

The second day she was at the same place,
Looking at us with a weird face

We asked her the reason

And she answered," I love social studies but because of studying social studies
I don't get time to play with my buddies.

The third day at the same place
She was sitting with an awful face

We asked her the reason

She replied," I love chocolates madly
But because of that, I am getting fat very badly

After this, I went to her house

And told her that being always sad will not work
And reminded her of the quote that will help her to be successful

And that was
Happiness is the key to success.

Name: Anushri Palnitkar
Grade: 5A
Billabong High International School, Thane

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