Sunday 20 March 2022

A day in a Bird's life - Aanya Kumar

Hello, world! I am Tutu and I am a bird. Have you ever wondered if birds went to school? We do and participate in activities that most humans do in their schools. We have to wake up at six and reach school by 7:00 am every morning. It is located in the gardens. The clock strikes 7:15, and we are off to music class. I think I should be in the school choir. Anyways, humans find it disturbing, which is why our music classes last for only ten minutes. 

We move to our respective classes at bird school and take out twigs and sand (pen and paper). We need to take endless notes. We don’t learn English and Maths or other such subjects at bird school. We learn cool stuff like flying and chirping and making nests. I have many friends at school. Tweetee is my best friend. She is the best flyer in the whole school. We call her Miss Pilot. I ace at my language skills, though.

Next comes PE class. We stretch our wings and warm up a bit for sports. We have races and more such fun activities. Then we make nests. We collect twigs, roses, leaves, and so much more stuff that humans mostly abandon. We make a circle with them and then make our walls. Once again, Miss Pilot stole the show and made the perfect nest. Later, we have lunch. My mother sends me with worms. Sometimes if she gets lucky, she catches fish.

Did I not tell you what kind of bird I am? I am a Seagull. I have a huge beak. Helps in finding and hunting fish. Survival class is the next class. Not to brag, but I am like a pro in it. We learn how to escape from human dangers and fly on the wind’s back. Then we head back home at 2.00 pm. After that tiring but adventurous day, I take a warm bath and get ready for homework.

We need to practise making nests and study some survival moves. Then, I watch some TV with my sisters, Lyra, Tyra, Samaira and Mayra. We fly downstairs and play for a while… well, maybe a lot of time. We get carried away. Lyra and Tyra are twins. Although their choices clearly tell us who is who.

Now, about Mamma. Mamma is an excellent chef. She is a master at about… everything! Soon after, our tummies start to grumble. We fly and gather the food that humans waste. Sometimes we catch that yummy brown thing. Ummm… Chico… no chocolate. We talk about our day at school and eat our yummy snacks. Later we have a family game night… evening. Finally, we slept after having some dinner. While I do not want to give my father credit… he snuggles us in with a beautiful bedtime story.

Aanya Kumar moves from Gyanshree Noida. However, she continues her learning experience at My Good School.
Podar International School, Grade 6 B

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