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The Life of 10 Rupees - Rishona Chopra

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Good Afternoon! I am...well, I don't reveal my name so just call me 10 Rupees. I am unique because I am hated and loved at the same time. But how, you ask?

10 Rupees. What all could you buy with it - Just 2-3 toffees, right? What is the value, and that's what some think? They do not respect me and therefore hate me. But for some, those 2-3 toffees are worth having, seem a box of gold! That is their meal for the day, which brings a smile to their faces!

See the different sides of just me, what do you think? Do you value me or leave that do you appreciate what you get? If you could get a huge, delicious meal in just 10 rupees, wouldn't you care more? But do think that if you had nothing and just a few toffees, I bet you would gobble up all the toffees or save some for the other day.

Shall I tell you something? Don't think I am boasting! I have much more value in this world. Take 10 Rupees to buy some wool and sticks and start knitting! Maybe you can sell your work for more money, and probably you could run a business.10 Rupees would have basically changed your life!

I am not just telling you about myself but telling you to respect things and what you get. Items might have more value than they seem they have.

Rishona Chopra
Grade V
Gyanshree School


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